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Ep. 174 – Fred Wellman (Army Scout Pilot)

Fred Wellman has experienced some pretty significant highs in his military career. He was commissioned in Aviation out of West Point; flew Scout missions in Desert Storm; studied at Harvard; learned to fly Black Hawks so he could return to active duty to serve in combat in the Global War on Terror; as well as served as the spokesman for Generals David Petraeus and Martin Dempsey. But with those highs… Read More

Ep. 173 – James Stejskal (Green Beret/Det “A”)

Green Beret James Stejskal holds the distinction of serving in one of the Army’s most unique and at one time, highly classified Special Forces Detachments operating in East Germany during the Cold War. Known simply as Detachment “A”, the unit operated behind the Iron Curtain within the Soviet-controlled German Democratic Republic. The unit’s primary mission was to wreak havoc behind the enemy’s lines, and buy outnumbered NATO forces time to… Read More

Ep. 172 – Rocky Bleier (Vietnam/Pittsburgh Steelers)

Following a promising college football career at Notre Dame, Rocky Bleier was on his way to starting a pro career in the NFL. It was 1968, and Bleier, who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers, was nearing the end of his first NFL season when he received another draft notice. This time it was from the Army, and it was for a report date the morning after a Steelers game… Read More

Ep. 171 – Rob Jones (Marine/Paralympian)

Searching for a higher purpose, and a sense of selflessness and brotherhood, Rob Jones enlisted in the Marine Corps at 20, while still attending college at Virginia Tech. His sense of purpose and the warrior mentality that the Corps gave him were put to the test after he sustained devastating injuries on July 22, 2010 in Afghanistan. While sweeping a field for suspected IEDs, Jones stepped on a land mine…. Read More

Ep. 170 – Matt Klein (Army Infantry/”Battle Tribe”)

Matt Klein grew up with vivid stories of his grandfather flying dive bomb missions in World War II. His grandfather had signed up shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Much like his grandfather, Klein joined the military shortly after 9/11. He signed up to serve in the Infantry – a job that would provide more than its fair share of hairy moments through two combat deployments to Iraq as… Read More

Ep. 169 – Gary Wetzel (Vietnam/Medal of Honor)

It’s safe to say that fate has been on Gary Wetzel’s side since the day he stepped foot in Vietnam. He survived 5 helicopter crashes; he’s a living recipient of the Medal of Honor from his time there; he was shot, stabbed, and blown up on the battlefield; and he’s come full circle in meeting those who treated him after his 5th helicopter crash, decades later. That 5th crash and… Read More

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